Public Consultation 2023

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Welcome to Therme Manchester’s public consultation page. Here, you can view a summary of the design changes and leave your comments. Feedback can be submitted until midnight on 19th June 2023.

An Updated Design

Planning permission for Therme Manchester was unanimously approved in March 2020. Since then, we have had the opportunity to make some exciting new updates to the design, including improved sustainability and accessibility.

We are submitting our new planning application this summer and would love to hear your thoughts on the new proposals. On this page, you will find a summary of the proposed changes to Therme Manchester with a questionnaire to share your feedback.

The Initial Designs from 2020

Therme Manchester design as approved in March 2020

Therme Manchester design as approved in March 2020.

Our Vision for 2023

Therme Manchester’s new design with improved connection to the canal and entrances.

Therme Manchester’s new design with improved connection to the canal and entrances.



Summary of Design Changes

  • The overall architectural concept for the project has moved from being a single building with full glass roof and façade to a more “pavilion style concept” – with structures separate but connected by the same architectural language which immerses in the natural landscape.
  • Revised entrance strategy making the facility more accessible by enabling easy access for all forms of transport (public transport, active travel links and private vehicular).
  • Significantly enhanced arrival experience on Phoenix Way, with the creation of a new, green boulevard that welcomes visitors arriving by car and encourages cycle and pedestrian connectivity to the Bridgewater Canal.
  • Three entrance buildings accommodate all directions of arrival, connecting to the central inner circular changing area and allowing easy circulation between zones within Therme. Entrances as follows:
    • South lobby serving pedestrians by public transport;
    • North lobby serving visitors by canal and car;
    • East lobby serving taxi / drop-off and overflow parking on Mercury Way.
  • All entrance buildings considered within the urban environment to focus on the connectivity with the public realm and to enhance the beauty of the surrounding landscaped areas.
  • Enhanced parking arrangement with a dedicated multi-storey car park incorporated to the north of the site which will improve the customer arrival experience. This simplifies construction from the previous scheme. Overflow parking remains located to the east of Mercury Way with improved pedestrian access to the entrance building. Overall numbers whilst split between car parks are approximately similar to the previous application.
  • New car park arrangement on the main site will create a terrace on the roof which will provide opportunities for relaxation areas for guests and allow improved connectivity to the canal. Family and adult areas have been reconfigured to include a new feature of external waterslides.
  • Review of internal levels has resulted in raising the effective ground level, creating improved accessibility around the facility.
  • Development of the design and concept of the inner urban wellbeing garden inspired by an English meadow.
  • The size and area of the facility is approximately the same as the previously approved scheme.


Location, Access, Traffic & Accommodation

The Therme Manchester site is in the Trafford City area, opposite Trafford Centre and Trafford Palazzo, where LEGOLAND Discovery Centre and SEA LIFE Manchester are located.

Access via public transport will be encouraged via the new Barton Dock Road tram station that is directly outside. The site will also be accessible via existing bus routes serving Trafford City.

Walking and cycling to Therme is a healthy way to arrive, whether from other attractions in Trafford City, along the canal or from other parts of the local area.

Ample parking will be provided on-site and nearby road connections include the M60, M62, M602 and A56.

Therme Manchester will have minimal impact on total traffic volumes.

There are 5 hotels nearby within the Trafford City estate.

New Scheme

Main highlights in relation with the previous planning

1. 3 entrances

2. Circular changing village

3. Central garden

4. Parking concealed in nature

5. Upgraded connections for cyclists and pedestrians to and from Bridgewater Canal

6. Organisation of areas for families and adults rearranged with associated increase in height due to ground level change

7. Water slides that extend outside the building

8. Overflow car parking, taxi and coach drop-off and logistics hub


New Landscape

New Landscape